Our pick for the Best ‪Viral Video‬ of the week!

So, it’s Wednesday—hump day—the one day of the week standing between us and almost almost the weekend. Well, if you ask us, there’s nothing better at getting you over the hump than some awesome viral content.
And this week, we’re going seriously adorable.
Prepare to say awwwww.

Are we right or are we right?
So what makes this video so gushable? Well, first off, there’s a baby and that baby is called Buzz! And baby Buzz is laughing up a storm, the effect of finally seeing how dandelion seeds blow in the wind. That alone is enough cute to get you through the rest of your day. But then, then! you’ve got Buzz’s daddy, guitarist Tom Fletcher of McFly (don’t tell us you don’t remember “5 Colors in Her Hair”

) fame, rocking some seriously colorful hair of his own and guess what, he can’t stop laughing either. It’s almost too cute to handle — babies and dandelions and laughter, oh my!

Check out some honorable mentions in this week’s viral video category:

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